I just got a go-kart! (Pics later). Here’s the story.

I went with my grandfather (don’t judge, my grandfather has 2 motorcycles. He’s pretty cool.) to this Swap & Shop thing (swap meet) in Missouri. Pretty long ride in the truck to get there. We wandered around looking for motorcycles for me to own, and we stumbled across a trio of engines, all 212cc Predator engines from Harbor Freight. This guy had 2 minibikes, resembling a large Honda Motocompo, with an engine swap. (engine swapped was the 212cc Predator mentioned above) Right next to these minibikes- a go-kart. Not just any go-kart. A go-kart with a huuuuge 212cc lawnmower engine in it! The guy selling it bragged “This thing can do wheelies. Put my 7-year-olds in these and accidentally did a wheelie. And it’ll go over 50.” This guy was right. It can go over 50, but it depends how heavy you are. Long story short we got the $300 the guy wanted and put the go-kart in the truck. Now here is a list of problems we got in the first 24 hours of owning a go-kart.

  1. Engine hydrolocked due to transporting go-kart at an angle
  2. The chain that connected the clutch sprocket to the positive rear axle was too slack, had to drop a whole bolt out from under the engine and a link. (Engine now sitting on bar)

All components have been fixed. Only took 6 hours.

(Update 1)

I have pictures from google. I forgot to bring my camera cord, so I’ll upload pics when I get home. The kart turned out to be a Manco American Express, same kart as pictured below.


The steering bar cover has been removed, and the comfortable seat on the kart has been replaced with a plywood seat to store a much larger engine. The engine has been replaced with the Harbor Freight Predator 212cc pictured below, which is commonly used in lawnmowers.


The engine is brand-new, just installed a week ago.

Update 2 coming pretty soon.